2020 Entry Rules

Capital Quilters Guild

2020 Quilt Show Entry Rules


  1. There is no fee for members of CQG to enter a quilt. CQG members may enter no more than 2 quilts in any one category.  Non-members must pay a $10 fee to enter any quilts.  For that fee non-members may enter a total of 3 quilts with no more than 1 quilt in any one category.
  2. Quilt to be judged must have been completed after 2015 and cannot have been previously entered in any CQG sponsored shows (specifically the 2016 Symposium or the 2018 quilt show).
  3. In all categories the entrant must have worked on some part of the quilt. Except for duet and group categories, the quilts must be the sole work of the entrant.
  4. All quilt entries must have three layers joined by quilting. No false backs permitted; all quilting must be visible from the back of the quilt.
  5. Each quilt must have its own entry form with picture. Entry forms will be accepted starting 12/2/19 and must be received no later than midnight 1/16/20
  6. The earliest date for turning in quilts will be the 2/20/20 guild meeting and all quilts must be received by 3/9/20.
  7. All entries must have a 4-inch sleeve attached to the top of the quilt. For large quilts the sleeve should be a maximum of 80” from the bottom of the quilt so that any excess length drapes over the top of the hanging frame.
  8. All entries must have a label sewn on the back lower right-hand corner of the quilt (as you look at the quilt from the back). The label must include the quilt name, the quilt maker’s name and date completed.
  9. All quilts must be able to be hung using standard hanging procedures. Do not send hanging rods or any kind of hardware or special hanging instructions. Framed quilts will not be accepted in this show.
  10. Upon receipt of the quilt show entry form/s, a notification of entry will be emailed to entrant for each entry. After 1/1/20 a quilt show entry number will be emailed for each entry. The participant must use the entry number and create a muslin label which should be securely affixed to the back lower right-hand corner of your quilt to cover the entire quilt label.
  11. Do not send any accompanying material as it cannot be displayed.
  12. Each quilt must be folded into a clear plastic bag. Please fold your quilt so that the quilt label can be viewed through the plastic bag.
  13. While we endeavor to take the utmost care of your quilts, our committee will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. Quilts entered with embellishments must be capable of withstanding normal folding and stacking without risking harm to the quilt or another. It is your responsibility to have adequate insurance coverage for your quilt.
  14. Quilt Show committee reserves the right to refuse a quilt if it is soiled, has pet hair or if it smells of smoke, perfume or pet odors. Quilts will be inspected upon receipt, and the owner will be contacted if the quilt is refused.
  15. All quilts MUST be picked up between 6:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. at the end of the show. You are required to bring the paperwork showing ownership. If someone else is picking up your quilt, they must have the paperwork.
  16. The committee reserves the right to reassign quilts to another category if they are entered incorrectly. Entrants will be contacted if this puts their entries over the category limit to decide which quilt will be withdrawn.